truth – that simple – try it

We all have our crafts. We all shine together. We come from love and when we ‘the brothers and sisters’ do this – the meek are no longer the trodden.  It makes me smile to see desperation from the fame hungry – addicted to the system. All fighting for their little bit of coverage in the paparazzi – it’s engineered bullshit. No wonder they are so depressed. Action speaks louder. There’s more to life than a keyboard. Everything comes back round. That’s the way of the universe. I really do pity the fake and vengeful cowards stuck in their ego driven minds right now. Your money does not matter.  Go away – get a life and leave the light workers be. You are surplus to requirements. Hurtful – nasty piece of shit. I will name and shame you in a very big way soon. If you wanna get on in life – tell the truth. TBH©

a real genuine artist

This man is a saint. He does not expect anything. He takes what is given. He is the boss. The boss of music right now.  Liam is a brother to the people. TBH©


It will be a sad day when men feel too ashamed to shout about how much they love women. Women are beautiful. C’mon – let the slaves free. It is fine to adore and worship women. I for one love to be worshipped. Shower me with flowers – no expense spared. TBH©


love is the greatest frequency

There are so many amazing and beautiful synchronicities coming together at this time in our world journey. People are talking freely with love – walking together and love is growing at the speed of light! When we look at the positivism around us and those we love most – be it near or far – there is pure and unconditional steadfast frequencies coming directly from the highest source. We can manifest the light together. So beautiful. Let’s fly brothers and sisters! TBH©



A Goddess in her power. This Rocks! Love it Katy Perry. Your energy blows me away and inspires me also. We can all walk tall. A great role model for everyone. Wow – Boom! Tiff.X