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Yes. Another bridge. Sometimes, people ask me about photography. I always say store what you see as a memory and don’t do it to please others. It’s free. All art is free. Just do what the fuck you want with it. Same as music. Same as putting napkins on a table. No rules. Just do […]

via bridge — Tiffany Belle Harper Photography & Film

Dear Holly and Adam I.L.U. so much


It is as though I have been living in a vortex since June 13th – the day I arrived in Blackpool – the same day a baby seagull landed on the doorstep unable to fly. He can now. He is shy of the other birds and has been bullied, as he was hand reared – but nature is a wonderful thing. He has shown me such courage. Today I am hiding in my den, as I often did in Leeds but as you can imagine – it’s tricky when you share your home with strangers. But I would not change this for the world. My friend Kris (who is helping here) is such an amazing person. I am seeing her grow both spiritually and with strength. She has my back. Today I was so exhausted I slept through breakfast for the first time … and when I woke up, she had cooked breakfast plus served toast and drinks to all the guests and cleared up the tables all by herself.

The day starts with cooking and then house keeping – preparing for new guests. Then there’s a cafe and bar. It’s a perpetual cycle of giving. I am learning so much about people. I am also getting my own time to pursue my passions. I am wandering. I have not been writing as much as I should. I just don’t know how I would put a lot of the miracles taking place here into words. Perhaps I am not meant to. This is faith. So many synchronisations and messengers. We are all on our journey as one. I cannot wait for you both to visit. Of course I tell you we have special rates for friends and family for which apply to you both. I adore you. You are so special – so awake – so giving – so alive and you care for everyone. I would say you are my ‘Angels.’ We can go into town and see the artwork. Feel the transitional energy here in Blackpool. The illuminations start on September 1st through to November 4th and there will be some big displays near to me.

James my son was here last week with the cats. Such energy. He loved it here and I miss him. I think he may buy somewhere here too. It will do him good to experience all this. It is time to evolve and grow and for all of us to spread the love to each corner of our hearts.

I hope you don’t mind me sharing your well wishes so publicly but these things are so precious and will bring joy to those who need to smile today. There is indeed love everywhere. I know it will not be long before you come see me and I am popping back to Leeds soon to get my things – but it will be a fleeting trip, as I have bookings here most weeks until Xmas. I have managed to book a break at The Lakes for December – v excited. Hot Tub time!

You have made me melt today. I am in the presence of that gorgeous sweet pea. My Nan’s favourite flower. And I love Bolton Abbey. Last year I went on the steam trains there. Be good and never stop caring for your circle. Proud to have you in my heart.

Tiffany. X

ps. Evie loves this life she keeps sneaking out the door and running around the place giving everyone sporadic fuss and cuddles. Feisty ball of fluff! Hope the cats are good, by the way!?