Happy Birthday to my son

I am running late and you know me with media. Am a bit of an air head. But James, I love you and want to thank you for putting up with your mum. I have taken you off your track and once more stop your journey to help me out. I want to thank you for all your hard work. For putting a roof over my head when I was homeless and sick. For visiting Blackpool and helping me feel safer with the many jealous wrangles that have tried to damage my spirit. I will never let anyone hurt you. No one will ever know how much you have sacrificed for me. I made you a video but have not time to put it here it is on The Nester new instagram page. Try to find it. Love to Nan and Grandad. Be sure to spend time with Adele. She is waiting to see you. Love to my beautiful Ashley. Your brother. Love you to the moon and back. Be great. Enjoy being quiet. Your focus is your craft. So many people love you. We all want to say have a lovely day. You are kind. You are brave. You are often taken for granted. So today I want to say thank you more than ever.

Mummy. X


Idea by me. Artwork by Danielle Merricks.

Footsteps of the Templar – ‘A Peculiar Type of Morality’ — Lucy Brazier

About The Book Head Porter’s hopes for a quiet life are dashed not only by the return to Old College of one of academia’s most controversial Fellows, but also the revelation that the Knights Templar may once have left behind something quite important in the College grounds. As Deputy Head Porter and The Dean mount […]

Footsteps of the Templar – ‘A Peculiar Type of Morality’ — Lucy Brazier