thumbs up world. X

This will be my last blog here for a while as having sold my house, I am working towards a new project and I have also learned many things from this existing situation. It’s been horrific in some respects – but gorgeous, in that I have met new people who have blessed my life. I am not the least bit interested in brexit, politics, religion, hate, ego, greed, current news, social media, social affairs, your relationships, books or films, numbers, colours, bullshit, back biting, bullying, false assumptions, fake news and third hand whispers and ridiculous gossiping. Time to be selfish. Selfish for my family, the love of my life and the people I care for in the real world. That’s enough to cope with right now. Tiff. X

my little darling

Do you all remember when those stuck in the dark were told we are going to war. We sent thousands of children to fight for our country? They all died for nothing. No wonder we have ghosts. We must try to stop filling the children’s heads with gossip. It’s cruel and wicked.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

My girl works hard – I give her little praise – she works only with love – I will die for her my little minx. My babe. #always #littleminx