Time to knuckle down. I am in creative mode and for that I am going to try to be even more selfish and less giving. Otherwise I will not have learned from mistakes from the past. Mistakes are where we admit we are wrong – learn – grow and move forward. So I shall be back with my blog in the Autumn. I just know we need to explore Scotland at some point. I feel such magic from the energies there. I have never visited before! So I am going to work hard on my projects and moodboards together with being more organised with time. Time is everything. Love is Everything. To be in a connection with those who want to see you shine.

Tiff. X

Ashley-James/our son

To my beautiful son Ashley-James. I worry myself sick about you because I cannot hold you as much as I want in person. I am sending you strength. Most of all gratitude. You must not ever worry for anyone but yourself. We are well and one together. And we named James after you! Come home. Come to Mum. STAND UP.

Mum. X