Romanian Rescue in Urgent Need of Support by Tiffany Belle Harper


We are appealing on behalf of ‘LARWP’ aka ‘The League of Animal Rescue – Romania. You may be aware that Romania has enforced a stray dog cull that commenced in October 2013. Where it’s become legal to kill cats and dogs not on private land.


The consequences have been overwhelmingly cruel. Where the ASPA dog killers are killing dogs (in particular) in the most savage and aggressive ways possible, in full view of the public to include children.


The screams of dogs are part of day to day life in Romania’s entirety. Bucharest (the capital is governed by the corrupt and vile Mayor ‘Sorin Oprescu’ who as far as I am aware has recently been arrested pending an enquiry into bribery.  LONG OVER DUE! The Mayor taking funds to spay and neuter dogs then paying dog catchers to kill them instead. They’re often beaten to death or their hearts are injected with poison. Pounds are also full of dogs waiting to die. It’s awful.

This corrupt gang of Bucharest are doing this to make ‘big’ money, as there is a price on the head of each dog killed. It’s a barbarian and preposterous sanction of this day and time. Bringing the community of animal lovers to its knees in despair, where many have campaigned and donated funds to ease the situation. The dog culling takes place throughout Romania. The cruelty is rampant.

Rescued Pup now Safe!


As part of a network of animal rescuers I have teamed up with The Animal Team to raise funds for a very special charity in Romania. They’re comparatively new, setting up a Registered Charity during 2014. Where Marius has turned his home and land in to a safe haven for Romanian street dogs. This charity relies on donations to provide housing and food for the many dogs in need of safety.

With limited funds, time and web knowledge to get the word out via Social Media, they rely on support from all of us collectively.

We are trying to raise funds for Marius to have kennels on his land so that he can re-home more dogs and continue to offer sanctuary for his existing hounds. The cold weather is on its way and they are trusting on us to support their mission.

Before and After Photo’s of The Work The League of Animal Rescue must continue… 

league of animal rescue dog6

Marius lives with his family, their home a haven for many dogs that ‘for now’ are safe. UK rescuers are desperately trying to help the situation.  A new charity, registered last year. They are one of the few registered organizations in Romania. They keep up to date with their paperwork and ensure their methods meet all standards. The dogs are loved and cared for in a family environment.

One lady has already kindly paid for four kennels that are purchased directly in Romania making it fairly simple to get them delivered to ‘The League of Animal Rescue.’

These are insulated kennels that they desperately need for the cold winter months ahead to continue housing the dogs securely. 


The Animal Team travel out to see Marius to provide other essentials for the dogs, food, blankets etc. They are hands on with The League of Animal Rescue and validate the authenticity of this compassionate and essential sanctuary for the street dogs that would otherwise face a cruel death.

I am appealing to you to please donate directly to The League of Animal Rescue (All links at foot of page.) Please I urge you to help Marius and his family who are sincerely dedicated to saving the lives of dogs. They are sincere and totally committed to getting the street dogs of Romania safe.


The League of Animal Rescue need around 15 kennels to keep the dogs warm. The cost of four is around £430.00. We’d love to buy these in batches to get this moving. I know we are facing hard economic times and there are so many causes that are relying on donations. But I beg you to please give this your consideration. They’ve nothing without our support.

All of the dogs are spayed/neutered and treated before adoption. Dogs can be adopted in the UK too. They’re desperate for forever, loving homes. All of the details and some of the dogs are on the website.


Supporting smaller Animal Rescue is crucial. They need our time and money the most. Please always look out for those who need help and maybe cannot get online. We can be their voice.

Thank  you in advance on behalf of me and The Animal Team for supporting The League of Animal Rescue. They will be happy to provide you with a receipt for your donations. To donate is simple. Please donate directly to the charity using the links below. They are quite active on Facebook too so please hook up with them there to see lots of the lovely dogs available for adoption.

Tiffany Belle Harper. x

The League of Animal Rescue Facebook

The League of Animal Rescue Website

The League of Animal Rescue PayPal

The Animal Team Website


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