Once upon a time

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Let's talk about the L word!

Once upon a time, I went somewhere, everywhere, and I held my sight on the still horizon. Stained with some lost crumbling clouds that kept nothing inside them, dry with a chance of making me feel something, and yes, I’d feel whatever they dared to shower upon me whenever I’d stare back at the sky, a loving fool.

I used to be like that once, twice, certainly more times than I’ve spelt the word “love” on this blog. Countless moments served me well for I felt close to someone I wasn’t meant to reach, someone who carved inside me a hole made to be filled with smirks of innocent admiration and eventual tears squeezed from a heart built on joyful emotion. More often than I can tell, I’d be like that, grinning to a tree, its vegetating presence, passively lucky enough to experience the tireless expression of a man in love, and beyond that, the savory character of someone who…

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