My Only Selfie by Tiffany Belle Harper

Tiffany Belle Harper Photography & Film

Not perfection


Don’t work out each day

Flaws …


Tiffany Belle Harper

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14 thoughts on “My Only Selfie by Tiffany Belle Harper

  1. There are so many envious people, haters, and bullies in this world, there is no reason or need for you to beat yourself up. We are all aging. Unless your Benjamin Button of course. We all have flaws. We need to love our flaws the same way we love our strengths. They are what makes us unique.


      1. So very true. Less is more … I think social media broke me for a while. It was tough. I am quite sensitive and I didn’t realise the impact of it all til it stopped. It’s been a journey. You mean so much to me my friend. I write wicked now when I want. X

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      2. Me too … Believe me when I say. I didn’t realise how much I love the entire blogging concept … It’s been years since I have engaged this way. Made some of my greatest friends via words, over the years … Love to you and your precious family. MUAH XXX

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