ULDUS BAKHTIOZINA – Saint-Petersburg – Russia #Artist



To say I am a fan is an under statement. This collection was inspired by Russian Fairy tales where different women ‘types’ were used to depict the characters. All rights owned by artist ULDUS BAKHTIOZINA. I just had to add a couple of pieces to my blog. I feel exhilarated with this sheer genius depiction of today’s society. We can take what we want from this collection. It’s in the eye of your mind.

I’m not an ‘arty’ pro – I seldom recall names of artists. I believe it’s about the individual piece. I don’t like the ‘high end’ snobbery of being in the ‘loop.’ However, every now and again, something comes along that sticks in our head space.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

More Here > Saatchi

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