What Cannot Kill You makes you Stronger by Tiffany Belle Harper

What cannot kill  you makes you stronger.

Treat those who love you most, like family.

Never be too proud to say sorry.

Always try to forgive, let go, move on …

Most importantly never have regrets …

The future forgives, the past subsides.

Everything has a relative reason, learn.

Follow only your hearts.

~Love is Everything~

So Much Love

Tiffy x

33 thoughts on “What Cannot Kill You makes you Stronger by Tiffany Belle Harper

    1. Thanks Cameron. Am going to email you next few days to discuss new website I am creating. Get some advice from you, and if we could chat by phone even better 🙂 ps it’s a pisces eclipse tomorrow so sit tight. you should get a lot of insight come through, it’s all about creativity!!!

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      1. You can certainly contact me. If you could email me via my website or message via Twitter, I would be happy to let you have my number.
        I shall look forward to this Pisces eclipse (what ever it means… 🙂 ) and hopefully things will really start to take off….

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      2. Thanks for the introduction to Sheila. She has very kindly agreed to help me with my social media so that is really great news. She didn’t seem to bothered about the match making and as I said I have my head turned here, it is just going to take a while and that is okay….

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      3. well that is good news, it is good to make new friends. Sheila has been quite unwell so I feel you would be good for her too. Glad she is helping you with social media. I am rubbish at tweeting, get so distracted. I find myself playing music and looking at art. I need to focus on here haha. So much going on!!! x

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      4. I too am totally rubbish at it! I get waylaid doing ANYTHING!! I am happy to talk to Sheila and it is so wonderful that she is helping me, I will never be able to thank her enough. We have a telephone conversation booked for Tuesday morning so I am looking forward to that for sure. Have a great weekend and speak soon.

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      5. ooooo that sounds promising. I have some baggage to let go of so am going to go into seclusion in my tent. I’ve been chasing rainbows, long story. I feel brilliant today. Next journey, here we go. Thanks for being a part of it. How is your journey going. Gosh you’re brave to do this. We all are. Being on a real inner soul searching journey is the toughest thing any person can do! boom. x

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      6. I try to. I try to watch out and understand everything that happens. I know someone and the weird thing is for the first time in my life when ever I think about here, I can see a future with her in it. This is something that I never had before but this girl I am totally at ease with and cannot imagine time without her. Again it’s weird because we are only friends but I cannot imagine not seeing her on an almost daily basis. I am positive that something will come from it although I hang no label on what it might be or put no time scale on it.

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      7. go with it, if you have a friend and the bond is special, you’ve got the world in your hands. That’s lovely. Sorry about the match making too. I went with my gut instinct. You’ll have a harem of ladies at this rate Cameron !!!! x

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      8. No problem on the match making. I am often too polite to say anything myself so am glad I did on this occasion! Yes there is a bond that runs very deep so we are very close and who knows where it will lead. The strange thing is I just cannot see a future without her in it no matter how much she “does my head in” with her house/job/mother/insecurities/family issues etc etc I love and care for her very much so as I say, who knows!!

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      9. Holistic means not to give advice. But sod it. Cameron she sounds lovely. Small steps but don’t walk too slow she gets too far ahead. Stay together wherever you are both are right now. I feel she feels the same for you. She sounds so nice. I hope to get to meet her one day. Who knows !! I do want to find someone nice this year. One thing is for sure. He will find me and I will be ready !!

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      10. That is the way to think! I do hope that something comes of it because I have never thought of a person in my future before (well certainly not since I have grown up….!) and I consider her in my future all of the time. Here’s hoping we both find what we want this year and here’s to us meeting this year for sure….!

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      11. You are a sensitive Pisces …. swimming in that big ocean, sometimes fearful of being caught. But love will find you and then Ker-Ching! Keep facing your fears and this could be great for you and for Emma Jane. (Assuming it is EJ we are speaking of, sorry to make assumptions. You did mention her. xx

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      12. Love first starts with self. The rest follows, seriously, it does. If you want it, you’ve got it. And sexual relationships are not the same as long term relationships. They can be very different. But of course the loyalty is what matters. A fine balance of mind, body and soul. To know that it feels so right with that other person. Is indeed love itself Cameron. Just go with it and have fun. xx


      13. ps Cameron really proud of you for getting out there and just chatting with a complete stranger too. That took some guts and that is how we build bridges. It can start with social introductions but it is down to the individuals to make it happen ie friendship, work connections, relationships. We get out what we put in (well in most cases …) I find myself drained too often. x

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      14. You are totally right. We get out what we put in to life. When we find something that works we stick at it because if there was effort in it in the first place then why waste it. I honestly hate internet dating and all of the bullshit that goes with it. I have tried them all and yet I always end up disappointed…..

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      15. Anyone can be ‘anyone’ on the web. I’ve always said it. Has to start with eye contact for me. Always. I’ve really fucked up on the web. Lies, secrecy, deceit etc. My own fault, I have ‘dumbass’ stamped on my forehead. Assuming everyone is just so lovely … but then there’s people like you who become real life long friends. So that about weighs it up. We all fuck up along the way I guess. You’d not believe some of the things I’ve fallen for. I do have to laugh though. xxx

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