Visiting Parents …

006.JPGWell today I’ve got a lot of bits and bobs sorted out. Then I’ve sat in the shed and done some writing. Joined by Dad who fed the fish. The eldest is ‘Saddle’ he’s the white big one and he’s 24 years old. I’m not sure about the CD collection around the pond but apparently it wards of predators due to being reflective. I’ve never challenged it …

Then I went to the skip to get rid of rubbish subsequently bought home a chair in need of TLC. Getting it covered in a deep purple crush velvet. It was £4.00 (bargain.) Photo of me looking a little washed out and no sign of a hairdryer. I’ve had a cold but feeling better.

My dad’s 78 and he still goes to work. Can’t get over it. He drives from Southam to Redditch most days. I am sure his staff get on better when he’s not there but it keeps him active.

Now I’m off to find a pub for supper!

Tiffy Belle x

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