Charlotte the Tarantula and Burt the Millipede – True Story




nuneatonrescue 103.JPG


‘Burt The millipede’ may look a bit ‘creepy’ to some of you. But he actually feels like solid, shiny plastic to touch. Not greasy or slithery like you may imagine? His millions of feet …. are like velcro  (or a clothes brush …) very sturdy. When you put one on your arm they stick just like velcro would too (it doesn’t hurt and actually feels quite therapeutic.)  They don’t smell horrid either. Remember, even if you think ‘nature’ is ugly, everything, yes … everything has feelings. All animals feel pain and have emotions.

And then we have ‘Charlotte’ who is a Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula. Someone had her as a pet then didn’t want her anymore. So now she is at Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary too. They can be a little bit nasty if we upset them. Just like some humans.  I do believe wild animals should be left ‘in the wild.’ Yet when they become injured, poorly or are unable to care for themselves, humans have to take responsibility for them (the kind ones.)

We have to praise sanctuarys and rescue centres. They do the work of Angels and mostly for very little pay. I am going to write more about rescuers and what they do in the near future as I don’t think many people are aware of what sacrifices they make. Many even sell their homes, cars, furniture to keep going. Also you don’t always find them online – they’re too busy with the animals. So this is where we can ALL help.

Tomorrow I will show you some pictures of Bramble. Bramble is a Roebuck Deer that lives with a turkey. Animals work with consciousness. They magnetize energy with any other breed when in a non intrusive, safe space. It’s very profound and shows us that there is more to life than we may think. They connect when they feel safe across species and breeds. Never forget that 🙂

Thank you to ‘Harmony’ pictured above who is a diamond. (Not a real one, obviously- I think it’s called a metaphor – I’m rubbish at these things as I didn’t like school.) Harmony gives much of her life freely to sick animals. She is a volunteer. But I think a better name is ‘Light Worker.’ I know that ‘Light Workers’ smile more than most other people.

When we have kind people around us, we smile more too. So when life becomes sad we can go out and find things that don’t cost money to make us happy again. We can find places that are helping animals, and we can ALL become ‘Light Workers’.

I am going to set up a blog for children. Because I believe children are magical. Yes, I believe children have special powers that no other grown up has. Perhaps powers that are so magnificent, ‘you’ could change the world.


Tiffany !!

12 thoughts on “Charlotte the Tarantula and Burt the Millipede – True Story

      1. What a stunning name. Hello Vinayak. I am going to set up a blog for children. I think your creative work would very well on it. Would you like to be an administrator? If you have time of course. My email is It will only be in my spare time. Perhaps a couple of hours at weekends? Think about it. You have much to teach. You know. 🙂

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      1. I don’t think their brains go much beyond money. That’s how the rich get rich. However, the wise get knowledge – much better in my opinion. A balance would be ideal. Extremes – extremes – extremes. Am looking for some good music. Can you remember what link you put the music on for me?

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      2. Yeh and always money, money, money!
        Arrgh! Not a present, I am the worse one for links! I’ll scroll back through me achieves and see if anything surfaces.
        In the meantime, check out YouTube for Jane Weaver, The Silver Globe; sublime blend of electric, techno & folk, and a beautiful voice.

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