#StopYulin #MarcChing China – Twitter Campaign Today. IMPORTANT INFO

The annual barbaric Yulin Dog Meat Festival that takes place from the 21st to the 30th June is well underway where stolen dogs and cats – plus pets bred to eat are being tortured slowly for fun and financial gain. It is enjoyed by the local dog killers as though it’s a sport. They are showing no mercy and the animals are being beaten, kicked and punched for days before their paws, limbs, tails are cut off as the other dogs and cats watch on waiting their fate.


Many are stolen pets – microchipped.

Most are then skinned alive. Others are just put straight in to scolding water and boiled slowly. They believe in Yulin and parts of China that the more the dog or cat suffers, the better it tastes. It’s heart rendering.

There is currently a Twitter campaign that I believe is being censored. Campaigners are not seeing hashtags shared by other campaigners. I cannot reach any online Activists in China via Twitter. Apart from  and they seem quiet. I hope they are all ok.

Marc Ching a campaigner from the USA is in Yulin now, shutting down slaughter houses and so far he has 1,000 dogs. He is trying to find other activists in China to foster the dogs.

If you are one of the online campaigners, don’t give up.

There is a Tweet Sheet (link at foot of this blog) set up by another campaigner. Simply click on the links and tweet. That’s the best we can do for now. I will keep you updated.

#StopYulin #StopYulin2016 various other hashtags but I am told #StopYulin is the best one. Try to copy other campaigners in on the tweets by using the option below the tweet bar to tag people into the tweet. Use your own tweets, re-tweets are good to unite but not as powerful as those coming from your own timeline.

I am @ukrescueconnect on Twitter for animal campaigning. Good Luck.

A good way to connect with the hashtags is to add them to your actual profile on Twitter.

Marc Ching on Facebook

Tweet Sheets for All to Get Involved NOW !!

Friends of Marc Ching Twitter


Tiffany. X

8 thoughts on “#StopYulin #MarcChing China – Twitter Campaign Today. IMPORTANT INFO

    1. That’s a good thing about the web. Very true. Yet I have found it can also make people lazy and not get out in the community. There are ‘however’ some fantastic Chinese campaigners who are risking their lives to help those poor dogs and cats 🙂

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      1. So true Roger. The main stream animal advocates in the UK are promoting the main stream charities. Yet the real heroes here are the campaigners in China who have not even got mobile phones in most cases. Like me, they’re indepedent. and fairly voiceless. I feel very frustrated. But I want to find them. I would love to be in Yulin right now with my video camera and chromebook. I am thinking next year to be there. The internet is good but also very mis-informative. The real work needs to be with the campaigners in that filthy atmosphere picking the dogs and cats up and running. Sorry to rant. You know me 🙂 I hope you are good Roger. Thank u for always being a beautiful friend 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. There is nothing wrong with a good rant against a system be it a government or a social custom. (Though I’m in a calming down mode at present)
        I have great respect for those who get down on the front-line of a cause, getting their hands dirty and risking their lives in the name of Compassion.
        When it comes to the internet, I have a high scepticism factor; propaganda doesn’t just come from governments. That’s why I read histories and then ponder.
        Take care & best wishes in your endeavours Tiffany

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