UK Information for Campaigners for #StopYulin Dog Meat Festival Yulin

For everyone affected by the atrocities taking place in Yulin at the moment. I too am feeling that pain. It is such a tragic time of year. I try to continue sending love and light to the cats and dogs. I am sending healing, lighting a candle to send their tortured souls to the light. We all have our own ways of dealing with it.

The hardest part about being a campaigner/volunteer (for anything) is that the nicest and kindest people are often those who give most time. They feel the hurt, the pain and the connection more deeply.

Whilst those who carry out the hate, bias, wrath and injustice seem to fall under the radar of compassion. We must not forget, every man can be broken and fixed. It’s all about education. Showing how dogs and cats are to our benefit. We need them as much as they need us. Animals in our lives heal, guide and expand love to over come loneliness. To restore our faith and trust in humanity, nature and oneness.


Todays news comes from my good friends over at The Animal Team who tell me there’s an open Facebook page by the Chinese Embassy UK. I have posted my thoughts on there. I suggest you do the same. Tweeting and posting is wonderful but extending our words to petitions and directly to the people in power will elevate us as one.

I have added a link to the Chinese Embassy UK Facebook page further down. Please, read the below – to be taken seriously. 

  1. Do not swear
  2. Do not be racist
  3. Plan what you want to write beforehand
  4. Keep it short and to the point (run a spell check)
  5. Do not post anonymously or with alter ego accounts (be you and be proud)

Please have a go !! What have you got to lose?!

Here is the link Chinese Embassy UK Facebook Page

My little animal page on Twitter is @UKRescueConnect where I set up automated tweets. So I’m not there much at all. I use a software called Roundteam that is really good. It can automate hashtags to re-tweet to your page or re-tweets from other Twitter accounts. So you could set up something to re-tweet the hashtags #StopYulin #StopYulin2016 etc.

Roundteam Link Here

The Animal Team offer up to date news and also work with smaller rescue up and down the country. There isn’t much they don’t do for animal welfare. They offer news on #StopYulin via @the_animal_team (Twitter.)

I will bring more great news about Wetnose Animal Aid next week. Bunnies and donkeys (in particular) and I’ve set up a separate blog for my fundraising work as I think I may start confusing people ( if I haven’t already aargh!)

Click Banner to find The Animal Team on Facebook


Please read my previous blog detailing work about campaigner Marc Ching. More information here.

Marc Ching closing Slaughter Houses in Yulin.

Tiffany. X

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