The God Who Is Known … Personally #GuestBlog

I just had to share this open heart. Such radiating words. We should never fear our voice if we come from love of ‘self’ …

Awake, O Sleeper, and Shine

Someone can say to me, “There is no God;” however what if I were to reply, “But I know God, therefore, of course, I know God exists.” I suppose the atheist could offer any number of rebuttals, such as: “No, you only think you know God, but that’s a figment of your imagination.” Or, perhaps being a bit more accommodating, he could say something like, “Well, you may deeply sense within yourself something that you identify as ‘god,’ but really that may very well be you getting ‘in touch’ with your deeper self…

“In other words, the human is complex, to say the least, and the human brain/mind is still largely uncharted territory. It could be that you’ve simply ‘connected’ with your more calm, rational self, lodged deeply within your own psyche, and you have mistaken that calm and rational, intuitive inner-self as being the voce dei, the voice…

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