‘Being Awake – Being Free – Being One’ by Tiffany Belle Harper (plus video …)

A person of ‘primarily’ ego once said, ‘people now become famous for living their life like an open wound.’ This is such a cruel and ignorant remark. There are folk all around the world that feel isolated some ‘literally’ incarceration. Celebrity nor fame has never been about talent but more ‘mixing with the right (or wrong) circles. However we choose to perceive that ugly network, we must agree that often our best artists do not seek the glory hole to the extent of wanting the ‘dated’ red carpet brigade on their side. A click of mostly out of touch people, with too much air and not enough emotional intelligence.

If we ‘society’ did not share our true ‘self’ with words, art, imagery etc with on and offline communities what would we have? It’s about taking part not the tacky trophies. The pleasure of expression. Whether that be a journal, view point or craft.

That’s what I love about the blogging community. It’s a place to find support, confidence and even new friendships. Life here is very short, we should never fear hiding our inhibitions, dreams, fears and goals. ‘We are one’ and I believe it’s a brave move to open our hearts and contribute our fears, thoughts, hopes and aspirations. During these uncertain times – it’s not about ‘faking’ the reality of how tough life can be with a conceited smugness and bravado.

I know the current state of animal abuse and acts of hatred in this world ‘at times’ affect me on deep levels. We can become reclusive and lack self confidence when we allow others to make us feel unworthy. The creatives are ‘mostly’ sensitive souls …

Be proud to feel the strength of your emotions. For this is your epicentre of truth.

I’d hate to think that any person with a will to connect is fearful to do so. OK we will attract those who’ve not a healthy interest – yet … more importantly our words can build bridges and even save lives.

One of the greatest acts of courage is to be ‘true’ to who we are. Walls and barriers are not going to stop the free spirit. We are one … We are Love.

Below is a video I made, where I walk the dogs (when in Leeds.) I’d love to share it. Perhaps you’ll not be with me in person, but always in my heart.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

13 Comments on “‘Being Awake – Being Free – Being One’ by Tiffany Belle Harper (plus video …)

  1. I thought ‘egotists’ build a castle with fabricated stories and give their ego a boost by garnering praise and sympathy. When one is ‘true’, they are not afraid, as you mentioned in the article and will tackle the unwanted attention with maturity.
    Very thoughtful post, Tiffany.

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    • Thanks Amitav. I believe the bridge between greed and ego is fastly moving to its own island. Love is abundant. It’s been over a year now since I found you on here and you’ve made me a better person. No one should feel excluded or unable to open their hearts. Especially in these hard times. There are folk facing death for speaking the truth. I do feel so sad about it all sometimes. Yet LOVE heals all. X

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      • Tiffany, it’s been great being friends with you, and thank you for your support and appreciation of my work.
        Yes, you are right, situation in society is not what it should be and there is unrest everywhere. But again, Love and the Universe’s ways will always be in favor of truth and benevolent to every soul. Testing times are always unfortunate and especially who are in the middle of the storm and Prayers from us will help humanity tackle these turbulent times.

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      • You are a wise, kind, giving person. You’ve a craft beyond many others. You work with light and I wish I told you more often. My time on the internet is limited with obligations but I never miss a post from you. You’ve got me up and out the door on many occasion with your insight.

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      • My wish is that these words make a difference in a positive way and sometimes my words may sound harsh, but they are done to awaken the mind and not to criticize anyone.
        I am happy to hear that you find my words inspiring and I really wish you the best, always.

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      • Your words do not sound harsh. Men in many cases are fearful to show their hearts. They see this is a weakness. The same men use guns, mutilate and harm others because they are unexpressed. Your words are powerful and from light.

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      • Thank you so much, Tiffany. Yes it’s true, weakness gives birth to atrocities and it is a manifestation of insecurities and in many cases repressed anger. May be as a society we have failed to create a conducive atmosphere where a person can share their heart without fear.

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  2. So true Tiffany!
    Your words are valuable lights in a world where a percentage of those who are famous trample over other peoples’ feeling in their mean-spirited urge to appear the font of all wisdom and truth.
    Just has to be re-blogged
    (Sorry I am late; massive catch up going on…..two days of having to do ‘stuff’ got in the way.
    Best wishes

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