Please do take the time to sign this Petition. It will save lives. Yes, your time can help.

For many reasons this is important to me. One being I was born in Staffordshire (Tamworth … actually)

Staffordshire Recovery Matters

‘The proposed cuts in funding will have a devastating effect on the provision of services to those with substance misuse related problems and their families. This will jeopardise the progress that has been made in recent years and the ability to deliver the government’s policy of sustainable substance free recovery.’ – Norman

‘In a time when we face the greatest challenge of NPS, we should be increasing resources not reducing.’

‘Recovery is important. We can’t put a price on it!!’ – Mihammed

‘Addiction is a devastating illness and a massive issue with our communities it is very short sighted and immoral to aim to cut this service. Please reconsider.’

A MASSIVE ‘THANK YOU’ TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SUPPORTED US BY SIGNING THE PETITION SO FAR. Please continue to share with your friends and on as many social networks as you can. If enough people sign up we can create a…

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