Family Break #blissful such darlings

My beautiful family. I treasure them. I really do. The little one ‘Abi’ told me she wants a blog to put her photography on. That she’d prefer to take photographs than go to school. I see parts of myself in both the girls. I wish I could spend more time with them but when we do hook up, it’s fun all the way. I am hoping to take them on holiday next year. It’s hard not to spoil them rotten but their mum (quite rightfully) has brought them up to enjoy nature and the simple things.

They lost their grandma earlier this year. There’s still this huge gap but memories remain and I am sure she watches down on all of us. I suppose I’ve sort of stepped in. I feel so hugely protective of them. Going to do Abi a little blog to put her pictures on soon. Then each time we meet we can add more. Over the years she will have a fabulous little portfolio. And Gracie has started to do decoupage (like me) so I have bought her a book about it. This is something I cannot wait to participate with. Aunty Tiffy xxx

16 thoughts on “Family Break #blissful such darlings

      1. That’s great. She’s a talented kid and when she expresses here desire to write it’s awesome. Starting early will help her develop writing skills and also she will be acquainted with the Online world with your guidance. Best wishes to you both. πŸ™‚

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      2. Creativity and their expressions should not be curbed, but encouraged, always. With creativity a child’s cognitive abilities improve and they can find inventive mediums to showcase their talent and contribute to Art.
        Love and happiness to you too.

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      3. Thanks Amitav. You’re so right and I think supervised, blogs are a great start to recording a portfolio. Great for projects and sharing expression. Also the blogging community is more conscientious and caring of the young. Unlike other social media outlets that terrify me, where the young are concerned. Have a great day and I am reading blogs later. It’s been a mixed week for me as you know thank you for your friendship (again) πŸ™‚

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