For a Goddess

A Goddess can be any religion if she dwells in the divine

she will sing for her children ‘unborn’ in heaven’s hold

she will drown your tears with her robe splashed in soil

A Goddess will shine in darkness to spread her love more.


I tribute this to Fatma – a precious little darling and to her twins, for they are within me too. Indeed they dwell in all where there is love. Tiffany.

6 thoughts on “For a Goddess

  1. I fall short of words. I’m in awe that in just 4 sentences you’ve beautifully redefined my image & identity. I owe this to u . My character needs no more concern as my reputation has taken a higher leap:)! Thanks for the second chance of thanking you back again wholeheartedly. You seem to me a best teacher for myself. U are a part of family now .

    Love , Fatma ❤💕

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