To become a philosopher, I suppose you first must understand that you will not be known in this lifetime.


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      • Well said, it’s that nothing which is everything, one who has comprehended this TRUTH is aligned with eternity.
        We owe nothing and take nothing. Everything is based on ‘KARMA’ and the karmic effects will deliver the final fate.

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      • we are born alone, we die alone. We have only faith. Faith is nature. Faith is trust beyond the conspiracies, the lies, the propaganda. And I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of me. I come from LOVE. I love my brothers, sisters. This world needs to be heard. Heard by the animals. The people who care. It WILL Happen Brother.

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      • A conscious mind can stave off the distractions or arrogant propaganda to dilute the very essence of life. Manipulating mass consciousness is the idea. So, a true philosopher and a deeply conscious mind is seen with suspicion and fear. So, the solitary existence; which is an excellent time to ponder over the deep theories of the Universe.

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      • True. I was trying to express in a simple sentence that a philosopher’s work is often discovered later in the cyclical process of human discovery due to too much toxicity standing in the way of simple thought and an evolvement of natural integrity combined with a knowledge of self revelation and insight that will eventually improve the difficult path for others confused in the matrix of mainstream rubbish. With exception of some fantastic artists. I am inspired by many who are in a position of voice. Yet sadly money, greed and ego are in constant battle with the arts. They can pay to be heard above others. Thus philosophy (always unfunded) takes time to reach the top of the bubbling pot. But … It always finds a way. Thank you Amitav for your feedback.

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      • What is considered to be knowledge is utter baloney. I would go even further to say, we are staring at intellectual deprivation which reflects through the arrogance and turmoil that we are experiencing in society, globally.

        I agree with you true philosophical voices won’t be given importance over the false propaganda and media driven fantasy that is being sold as truth.

        But there is hope, as you say, truth will find it’s way and those who are knowledgeable enough will adopt the sane ideas for a better future.

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      • I believe that a true philosopher is discovered after death because society makes history a lesson. This is not a bad thing. The entire population of this planet is too afraid to trust in the moment. They look back to history. They feel they have nothing to look forward to. Due to Atheists and hate spreaders who destroy their dreams.

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      • A philosopher and the theories are pilloried by society even after his/her death. That’s society for you.

        It’s noble to believe in oneself and the inner voice, which can guide the soul towards the right path.

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      • Very true. I have been inspired by you. I’ve written a full piece on philosophy. Love you to bits. Also I am setting up a blog specifically for my poetry. It’s hard on this platform as I’ve (probably wrongly) incorporated twitter accounts and portals that attract those without any interest in me but more outside conflict. I’ve been too broad, incorporated my charity work, family etc. Personal views. I will tap you when it is done. I’ve finished a book would you believe! Have a great w/e my friend. Am off on travels now 🙂

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      • This is what gladdens me. Blogging and sharing our thoughts through writing we are also inspiring each other.

        Philosophical debates can encourage more meaningful interactions to share with the readers.

        That’s wonderful, waiting to read some more poetry from you and good that you have decided to choose another blog to concentrate on your poetry.

        Wow, you finished an entire book. That’s awesome. You are unstoppable now, it’s fantastic to hear that you are enjoying the writing/creative process so much.

        My love and best wishes for you.

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