Beautiful Tyson aged 10 seeks his Forever Friend via Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter. Is it you?


A couple of weeks ago, I visited Malvern with my ‘Angel Hound’ -having just lost my eldest dog – aged 21, I felt a little lacklustre. I went away to write and explore the area. However, after a couple of days I felt a desire to interact with the fluffy ones. So, I called Worcestershire Animal Rescue (WARS for short.) They agreed I could visit that same day and before I knew it – I was in the good hands of the deputy manager ‘Ned.’

He took time to show me around the sanctuary, to include the forthcoming sensory garden for dogs and those who’ve lost their pets to find comfort in a peaceful environment. There will be more about all this in our next feature.

TYSON1Today we must discuss with you a boy who stole our hearts ‘Tyson.’ A Staffordshire Terrier – 10 years young and through no fault…

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