18 thoughts on “Evie Blossom – raspberries on tummy

    1. There is a hugely spiritual story attached to Evie. I lost my dog who died in my arms aged 21 on the 2nd March. I went to a pub a few weeks later and the landlady bought two puppies to show her friend – who in turn chose one to return for when she was 8 weeks old. The landlady put Evie in my arms and she reacted just as though she was my doggy who died. I felt a huge connection. It then transpired she was born on the same evening that Foley died. So I arranged to adopt her. She is a cross breed. Full of love and intelligence. The size of a rabbit! Where in UK are you? Presuming you are UK?

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      1. That’s a lovely story. What a sweetheart. I’m sorry about your other dog though. That is like losing a family member. Very tough.
        I am just north of the most hated city in Britain. While I was stalking you I noticed you are somewhere in Yorkshire. It’s all in your dossier.


      2. You are funny … and thank you for your words regarding my hound by the way! I am between Leeds, Wales and Warwickshire. Really. It’s a long story. I would like to live in St Albans though. Believe me. I have a very weird way of life at the moment and I do need to settle. My main online activity is youtube. I play a lot of music. Here is the current taste. It does change often and quite dramatically. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmu2aYppAuuqkxt1ZbGuaHQ

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      3. Ah OK so you are not from Yorkshire originally.(dossier updated!)
        Sounds like you’re a fellow Brummijumite but from opposite poles.
        I watched some of your latest one. Made a lot of sense about we need more love int he world. I’ll have to check your music ones out too if my crappy memory allows!

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      4. Your memory could not be as bad as mine. I flip from one thing to another. I struggle to focus. I have A.D.D. but it’s fun. No two days the same. Although I do get side-tracked too often. I sort of wander aimlessly in a world of my own. I fear putting my whereabouts on here.

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  1. No I definitely would not do that. Actually I would go as far to say maybe delete these comments. Cos you neeeeeeeeever know on this here internet. Ive met some crazy people. And for all you know I AM some crazy people! (but Im not so youre ok(but you dont know that so be careful!))
    I saw the dog in your video. Oh my GOD. So cute. Does she do the thing my sister’s dog does of finding the most gross stuff to roll around in, thus confusing you as to whether she is really cute or not. Horrible. I was walkin her this one time and she found an egg that had smashed and went rolling around in it. Another time she dragged mte out into the middle of a road like it was an emergency and was someone dying the other side. Then she stopped abruptly and had a poo in the middle of the road. I was so embarrassed. I swear she does it deliberately. The cute little bastard.

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    1. So funny. I once borrowed my mates car to take the dogs out. I had a black labrador. It pounded over to a pile of cow shit, freshly produced and ensured every part of his torso had equal measures. I couldn’t clean him. Her car never recovered, despite a pro clean. The stench lingered … he looked so proud (the dog)

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      1. My god. I wonder why they do it. Maybe it’s revenge for their captivity. Or maybe it has secret properties we’re unaware of and we should be rolling around in it as well. That’s certainly a test of friendship. I hope you hung a magic tree from the rear view mirror before you gave it back!

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