34 thoughts on “Evie Blossom being a fairy in a pretty garden

      1. lol ’tis true. Sometimes we all need a good rant – it is a healthy form of release since your words come from a place of love. It is not as if you name call and slander or blow up without reason or for personal gain. It is a sincere worry for animals, our Mother Gaia, or the collective whole which adds another beautiful sparkly facet to your remarkable essence.

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      2. Mother Gaia is so sacred. She is everything. She is all that is Earth. She is so prevalent. She is all women. We all embody her. You are too kind. You are so beautiful and I hope your magic rises with your open heart.

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      3. Fascinating. Marcin made me a shamanic rattle. I can’t say it’s made any significant changes but it’s lovely to have natural things around me. Some things I feel more than others. Stones, feathers, shells, fallen nature works best for me. Just things I find on the ground to be honest 🙂

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      4. Oh em gee that snake is HUGE! Is it a ball python? All those adorable pups and kitties made my heart melt! That fox is absolutely gorgeous, and the baby hedgehog is so adorable! What was the huge insect? A millipede or centipede? That guy was ginormous!

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