‘Shakti’ by Reflections of Existence #GuestBlog

Reflections on Existence

the sea swept amethyst sands

over the curl of her lip,

swallowing their brilliance

deep into herbelly.


as a solitary gull stirred,

fireflies drizzledamber light

down the long shafts

of marsh grass.

and i wandered –

gifting the tidewith tears,

the saline stingof lost years,

when she appeared,

tossing golden hair

over porcelain feet

spread wide

beneath a curved breast.


and those eyes,

reflecting my own,

the color of forest

after a full night of rain.


shifting shape

we disappeared

where there is no fear.

each of us

with our own hunger

for the breathof our lovers

at the scruff of our necks.


mist kissed our lips

as a timeless

indigo rumblewhispered,

“you are the storm”.

she disappeared,

when i became human.


A true story of my experience with a beautiful female coyote. We met peacefully many times that…

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