Star Wars – The Last Jedi #review

chewbaccaWe went to see the new Star Wars film yesterday. Wore my 3D glasses. It was awesome. Darth Vader played a great part in particular. We see a different side to him. Favourite had to be Rey though, of course. What a role model! Loved the battle of emotions. Adored the animation and creatures. Only one thing I felt lacked is that Chewbacca had a bigger part? I really must get round to buying his costume. Always wanted to feel what it is like to be him for a day? Perhaps I could run around the Welsh mountains – you know, create a new tourist attraction? Nothing is impossible. You heard it here first. Myth broken … haha!

A movie about the force of love against darkness. Ended a little boy picking up a magic broom. Perhaps he will be the next Luke Skywalker? We shall see. Off out now to make a wish for nature and put it on a tree. May the Force be With You. TBH©


2 thoughts on “Star Wars – The Last Jedi #review

    1. You know. I recently thought about writing down some of my favourite films. I don’t have a genre. Just like to feel as though I have escpaded or being mindfully stretched. I watch a lot of younger movies too. Love Paddington Bear Move 1 and 2. But then I love Quentin Tarantino too. What about you?

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