bliss #diary

Nesting. Writing. Indulgence. Simple. Tranquillity. TBH©


13 thoughts on “bliss #diary

      1. Thanks for saying that. I have struggled with my vision since my two surgeries at the start of 2017. I will have another surgery soon that should finally correct everything. Other than that, I have been well. ‘

        It is wonderful chatting with you. I hope you are well.

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      2. OMG! I seriously thought about getting on a plane to find you Andrew. I will send you some healing tonight. I am utterly thrilled you have taken time to get in touch. I am okay. Been very good. Not got a lot of internet signal as being nomadic. 2018 is a good vibe. Not sure what will happen with earthquakes and the sea this year but we have to send out the love. I am so happy now !!!

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      3. You helped me get my confidence. I came to this community shattered and wounded. I owe you a lot and I hope one day I can repay you. I am glad you are making a recovery. I think about you each day. I never forget a friend. NEVER !!

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