have a lovely June #diary

The struggle of this month with letting go of my home in Leeds. A place that’s sheltered me from some awful situations and kept me in creative expression. To relocate and start new things. To try to keep on top of my writing and learn new skills. It’s been amazing but tiring. The thing is with me I can’t help wanting to help situations that I have experienced. I know sometimes people who have not met me personally may form an opinion based on the way I come across online. I may seem to ping and be erratic – but really, my principles just take over and I trust my values. I know that I must always tell the truth. I don’t get too involved in clicks and groups. I am my own person and like I always say, I absolutely detest gossiping. By that I mean where conversations take place about a person or people where the target is not present to give their own views. That’s so unfair and wrong.

Some people bounce through life while others struggle more. I believe this is because those with hurdles have the greatest purpose. I would not be true to myself if I tried to conform or fit it. I am very much a free spirit and I don’t need approval. But in saying that it is important to me to always respect those closest in my real world. I love my sons and friends and I would die for them.

You may have noticed I’ve touched on the subject of abortion. People have asked my thoughts. I believe the woman’s body is sacred and should not be abused. That a woman is free to choose what happens to her body. Having a baby is something not to be taken lightly. Over twenty years ago this happened to me and I regret my decision. At the time I had two young children and three jobs. But also, I did not know that I could have claimed benefits in addition to working, from the government. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I often hear of womens groups that don’t think much of men or children who seem to push death to unborn children and want men to suffer. Perhaps a means to justify their lack of parental instincts. There are also many people (individuals and couples) who would love to adopt but there’s so much red-tape.

I think just sleeping with a man without taking contraception and due care is irresponsible. But then women are being abused and raped against their free will. A child should be born from love. It’s a very delicate subject. Each to their own. I am entitled to my views. You are entitled to yours. A child is innocent. We need to protect them. We are all responsible.

Have a nice week and a fabulous June – I am busier than ever before but I sincerely love everyone – even the horrid people who have wished me such ill intent. I can be so misjudged – I suppose we all can – but not many of us want to talk about it. I am always here. And as for the blogging community. You’re like an online family. I learn so much. Thanks. Tiff. X

9 Comments on “have a lovely June #diary

  1. May all go well with your move, Tiffany. I’m in the process of moving, too. It is so disruptive. I think part of the process is realizing how much our location and our connection to the local history is such an intimate part of our life. it is easy to take for granted. Once we move, we realize a part of our lives is gone. It is also an exciting, scary and giddy feeling of being free, of having come unfettered and open to new connections.


  2. Very true lines… “I believe the woman’s body is sacred and should not be abused. That a woman is free to choose what happens to her body. Having a baby is something not to be taken lightly.” 

    Feminine is the creator energy capable to create little universe 🚼 within her…

    Lovely post.. 🙂


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