Having a Business and a Big Heart can be Tough by Fantom(e) = 3

Paranoia is the thin line between knowing and believing. We are a lot of things, but thank God me and him are never paranoid. TTMM. for sure …

Running a business is tough. You take the risks, everything is in your own name. You have to endure blaspheme and slander with dignity. You are not allowed to represent yourself in an honest fashion for fear of reprimand from legalities. You can’t hide behind others. It’s sometimes as though you’ve got your head in stocks whilst the filth of society hurl eggs and stale food at your head.

You take chances and there’s no financial backup. No Plan B. You are what you earn and you have to try to earn that honest living whilst sucking eggs to keep the peace. People come and go, they all want trust, but few offer it by return.

You must put on a smile and give it that extra mile even when you are shattered and just want to hide with a cup of drinking chocolate and a joint or good magazine – or grope that person you love more than anyone else to death …

You take the blame for other people’s mistakes and errors. There’s often nobody talk with who does not want your money. You quickly realise business is not about making friends but more so keeping your enemies close. Yes, there will be those who want the credit without the sacrifice. Who will use your projects for their own merit? No risks, just the frilly bits, they can walk away. No commitment.

But what you get is this. You get peace of mind knowing you were brave enough to put your name on it. Brave enough to not run away or shoot the messenger. To ride the punches, take the abuse and worst still, sheer lies and often deceit. But listen up – not everything is bad. You get to know that you are so much stronger than you think.

I am lucky. I am inspired by art and freedom. I use this to be the best I can. It is love. Jealousy, ego and greed such worthless emotions. I would imagine bitterness to be a painful and slow creeping disease. Ride high for your own goals. Be true to yourself. You are only responsible for acts of clarity, wisdom and love in fact. To raise the vibrations of a better planet. To lead by example. To have goals and ambition that do not involve malice, revenge and regret. To enjoy the journey of true success for your family and friends. And although I don’t see mine as much as I would like, everything I do is for them. I want to always tell the truth. Always try my best and be brave enough to stand at the front and not hide behind another. Love Wins.

So this week is quieter than it has been. I am trying to fight a utility company that I did not agree to sign up with – yeah, I have been debited by them for five whole years to come. I am in talks with my lawyer to do what is right and kind for a person that has no morals. I am limited to do my online work due to being stuck in a contract with PlusNet. Another contract I did not sign up with but am stuck with. Yet this is my business so it is me that quietly sorts this all out. So many people play victim when it is indeed ‘them’ who caused the problems for the hard at work to put right. The devil makes work for idle hands. Thank God I have always been busy.

Finally, for anyone who needs creative time, set up a WordPress outlet. I was told I had to use WIX to run a business. It looks very pretty but it ain’t effective and I have spent hours upon hours on it. It’s a lot of work. WordPress is free too. Go with what works best for you not those who cut and run without any remorse for their actions. Always tell the truth, it starts by being true to your own self. You can’t get on in life with lies. They are just a dirty cog in the works and that’s how bullies set out. No wonder they don’t sleep at night. I suppose they worry they may forget something.

So there’s our little ramble about business. It’s not all bad. You get to know your own courage. And that’s a start. Success is not about counting up the millions in off-shore bank accounts. It is about being honest with all that is around you.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

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