your boredom

We think a large problem with humans is men are fighting men. Women are fighting women. Maybe we need to learn that everything is perfect. Where scroungers looking for a cause to fight – have nothing to fight with. Stuck. Oh yes. Stuck in that old 3rd dimension. Afraid of being a servant, afraid of being a fool.  But then, the rest of us know that only the fool has a journey.  Never fear a fool. Fear a person who thinks he is better than a fool. We were born to be nothing. The Wolf and his Ghost. Always together. Always one. Always. Never-mind assumptions. We are always. And however the small few found us. You needed help most, We are a secret. Not by choice but because you could not accept or admit your true core lessons. And this is our Amen. Our mantra. Mandala – your lack of Mandala is your ego and greed. With no real love for your planet. All Fake. NO wonder she dies beneath the feet of cowards who want to believe in history.

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