Love to my comrades #always

Oh gosh. Just had really awful flashback having read such a truly observing and kind email. I cannot paste a screenshot as obviously we must protect the brave, realistic and sincere who stand up to bullies.

But it went something like this …

We will invest 5000,0000 in animal welfare if Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon agree to remove themselves permanently from Twitter.

But of course I will decline – yet I simply adore this concept and gesture – for the animals. Let’s see if Gervais and Fallon do the right thing for the animals and go and fuck themselves. B®

And if anyone wants to piss on my bonfire put it in writing. Don’t hide. Never hide. Karma is instant when we look beyond the 3rd dimension. Let the shit go and move on. The Akashic sees the years of your suffering and the Akashic will serve everything.

Tiffany Belle Harper.