bitter pathways

I believe we must live in a very sick and sad society where giving praise and thanks is seen as a weakness. Yet back-biting, mind games and wicked acts of revenge and jealousy are regarded as power. But perhaps we are surrounded by those who rely on the kindness of others to get on. These people fall the hardest. The only way forward is to focus and detach from negativity. It really is so easy when you allow yourself to struggle as this way better things come along. It takes years to find the right soul group for people who don’t hold on to the baggage of others bad mindset. That’s why I love seagulls so much.

We must remind ourselves that wasting time, education, stock and money on people who would not piss on us if we were on fire is a waste of the Akashic. We do not need permission to be happy or successful without a conscience. If those you care for do not wish you well then there must be sacrifice of time. Never stop moving. We’re all gonna be ‘mortally’ dead from here, so go with a sense of doing something great that will benefit many others. Be the one who wants good things for all of those you care for – don’t break people down – help them up. Sleep well for others before your own ego and greed. Try to avoid making your own jealousy everyone else’s burden throughout their day. Be kind – be grateful – don’t be afraid to say thank you. It may change your life. And you may even become a better person. Learn how to grow for the children and let them fly. Let your jealousy have wings.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

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