We can all Share Banksy by Tiffany Belle Harper®

If you feel you would like some winter inspiration to brighten your crafty journey’s why not look at the Banksy website. He’s become a household name but it is surprising how many people (in particular) those who have lost their way with digital media and online chat, not to mention much of the shitty paid ads mainstream media repeat, day in day out … have not yet discovered and explored the Banksy official portfolio.

I believe that whilst an icon of art and activism is still very much ‘active’ we don’t need to buy third hand news to explore the artist. We can just go straight to the originator. TBH®

It’s time to stop people desperate for wealth or validation cashing in on others hub of ideas and crafts. Narcissists who have no idea how to be their own unique pioneer of something unusual or never done before. Also, as you may notice, I often download Banksy artwork to my blog and use his images to make valid or subtle points. You too can take his work from the official Banksy website. Just right click the images and note you simply give credit back to the website. Link the image to a page on the Banksy site or just give credit back to his name. We can all share art and give credit by return. It helps the movement of freedom to be heard across the board and not just on sites like Twitter etc. Busy people don’t sit on their keyboards all day fighting for causes with a tweet or a photograph. They’re out there making a difference. Even picking up litter we find and putting it in the bin helps. Let’s keep our planet safe and tidy where we can.

The picture below (by Banksy) highlights plastic waste and how it is not degradable. Therefore, much of the plastic waste ends up washed away with nature, where animals may see much of our household and personal waste as edible, so the plastic can end up in with the food they find. Or ocean life may get tangled in our waste plastic, wild life trapped in our plastic. Birds deformed by our plastic. Animals see humans as wasteful creatures. We’re all killing our planet.

Plastic waste is not the same as for instance UPVC windows and doors which are more sustainable in some cases. Plastic waste is stuff like plastic bags, cups, straws and most of our modern day packaging. We can all avoid it and we can ask establishments who use plastics (like cafe’s and bars for instance) to please use paper instead. We can set up groups to campaign peacefully about stopping unnecessary waste and doing more for nature. We can be creative whilst we do our things to help our animals. So let’s all have a go. We can all be Bansky – whoever he is. It doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. Look at the art not the human. All the gossip and hysteria is just not relevant at all. Some people want to be portrayed for what they are best at and NOT who they are. Art is not mainstream in this way. Art is like music, it’s free and it’s main sensory is not name based.

Science is right until proven wrong. Nothing has a final outcome. Science can change. TBH®

Have a flick through his site and look for the irony too. It’s full of wit and hugely inspiring whilst making valid points with few words. Surrealism combined with thought provoking angular centre points. Inconsistent, randomly altruistic and hugely passionate. Unique! If we can use Banksy’s artwork for free, then what idiot would pay for a book by someone else for his artwork. It’s not about a pretty cover and intriguing title, with a totally dull but well written load of shit. You don’t need an ‘A’ grade to be good at anything. So perhaps we should try not to feed the pockets of jerks who’ve lost their own way in the world of self discovery. It’s money going to waste, just like plastic – fakes are just corrupt and shit money spinners. Think before you give credit.

Click image to see more about UK based ‘Banksy’, if you want to and feel free to share. I’m pretty sure he won’t mind … remember to reference back to the Banksy website. You could even us his images as poster templates and put your own words over the top. It doesn’t stop here. There’s lots of great artists out there who would probably enjoy you sharing their work. Just be cheeky and reference back to them. I believe it’s good to share proper talent. It’s not about winning presents, it’s about being totally in the now with a good feeling about it all.

Banksy in Croydon

Tiffany Belle Harper. X

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