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freedom of voice lies within the soul

Freedom of speech will never be truly available which is a shame. It is a shame for the vulnerable that need a voice. Freedom of speech has been sabotaged by ego who use it to hurt and intimidate the very people who would benefit from it. What good is it to laugh at the disabled, […]

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Love just works together within all life. Love is beautiful. For those who deny it – let them go. Walk on. Your lives here are short. And for those who need a word to distort – turn to art. TBH©  

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tree love #always j’adore

If you want to be real in today’s media bullshit where journalists and story tellers scrounge from love. Here’s two people I love. They were on holiday – standing in front of art and creativity – which – for some reason caused them hardship due to hysteria and gossip in the press for fools. It […]

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