Hit and Miss #diary

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was dirty. I have helped my son clear out his house. It’s going to be done up to sell. A real milestone as it is where we both lived when we had very little. I had a room in the attic. Dark times to say the least. We had to dig for pennies. It was actually the Muslim community in Bradford that helped us. A long story and it’s a chapter in my book. Basically I had a load of mannequins to sell to raise money for food. They bought them all off me and spread the word to help us.

I think they were moved by how close me and my son are. We only had enough money to buy petrol to drive to Bradford. We wasn’t sure whether we could sell anything at the markets so took a risk about getting home. We made £500 that day. It restored our faith in people.

Went to a little party last night. A dancer got a bit over excited and swung around with such Brut force he hit me in the face with his glass. He has apologised. It was just an accident and I am fine. These things happen. It’s all part of life.

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Love You! Tiffany. X