freedom of voice lies within the soul

Freedom of speech will never be truly available which is a shame. It is a shame for the vulnerable that need a voice. Freedom of speech has been sabotaged by ego who use it to hurt and intimidate the very people who would benefit from it. What good is it to laugh at the disabled, to offend varying genders. What good is a system that excludes and intimidates others. I suppose those who dwell in the term forget about morals and empathy combined with communication. A dead end battle spoilt by greed. A playground bully or an alcoholic with ammunition and too much time on their hands. Not willing to consider the hurt they inflict upon the individual (I will not say victim.) But, abusers are not coming back. They are resentful and stuck – for this life. It is their last one. We can connect consciously, we are all leaving our blue-prints. With our soul voice and meaning there is a love that will always reach out to those who need it most. Stay clear of the scum. Be your own special self. Be with the love. Love is Everything! TBH©


I am Melissa — Melissa Grace & Us

A little piece written from Melissa’s perspective Hello I am Melissa I am 14 years old and go to School which is all right but a bit of a pain when I have to do things I don’t want to like sorting shapes and numbers into the correct order and matching the letters that make […]

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my opinion – death of multiple children in London UK — The Nester

No wonder the UK is becoming a global laughing stock. We are giving rights to criminals with intent to harm others. Tougher action is required. These children are wild cards. They need leaders in the community to empower and guide them away from hate crimes. If this does not stop, it will spread beyond control. […]

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Love just works together within all life. Love is beautiful. For those who deny it – let them go. Walk on. Your lives here are short.

And for those who need a word to distort – turn to art.



Flowers after the Rain — Tiffany Belle Harper Photography & Film

After sky water – colour is more vibrant. That’s because nature is perfect. The elements know exactly what to do. TBH©

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bunk addiction #diary

Well … it is Tuesday – the UK has just had a bank holiday which means a long weekend. I don’t know why they are called ‘bank’ holidays as the banks are usually taking it easy. I’ve been talking with a colleague about furniture. It is official – I have a bunk bed addiction. I cannot stop looking at the things. We can improvise space when we create a sleeping area. I suppose the fact I slept on a floor for a few years has made me appreciate the importance of sleeping well. I was homeless for a while. But the main reason I slept near the ground was to show myself to appreciate having my own home when I finally got back up. I didn’t want to take anything for granted. I almost felt ‘unworthy’ to have a mattress. I felt guilty for those who did not. So I suppose it was a sort of silent vigil. I often do similar and just go into my tent with the bare essentials. It gives me a reality check. I never want to take anything for granted.

Now I’ve got a loft bed. It’s a long story but I don’t use it. When I stay at my house, I sleep on the top floor in the attic. Reason being the loft bed which is on the first floor, is so close to the ceiling I have almost knocked myself out on it. Plus, I fell asleep one evening only to wake the next morning with the blinds open in full view of the entire street ‘naked.’ I must have looked as though I was floating?! I love bunk and loft beds because no matter whether you live in one room or a mansion you can create a nest type feeling. I don’t know … perhaps it’s my inner child. Making dens will never tire me.

Oh my gosh, it’s been lovely weather in the UK. I hope other places on earth have experienced the sunshine. It’s just so uplifting. I dislike the dark nights. I know it’s when we get inwardly crafty but it makes me feel so ill when there’s too much dark. Spring is a little late but at last it is here. I feel so blessed. Thank you Mr Sunshine – you are loved! Tiff. X