for Tara

Last week there was a fire on St Chad’s Road. I was so tired I slept through the knowing. I woke up and heard my bin being kicked with a lot of blue flashing lights. I ran out in my pyjamas and dressing gown to the front of the house to see if my neighbours were awake and ask them to look at their CCTV to see who was kicking my bin. But my neighbours were not in their lounge. So I ran through their house out the back to find them all watching a blazing fire. This was all okay in the end. But what got me is that I was so busy trying to convince my guests everything would be fine that Tara had given the firemen two cups of tea each throughout the evening whilst they fought hard to put the fire out. The courage and strength of intelligent women is paramount to the stupid ones on this planet right now. Tiffany. X