many things today

I feel truly humbled with the woman who called me today and I want to apologise for initially being brisk as I get a lot of calls. I am awake. I will greet you, your aunt and mother together with your dad’s ashes with the utmost respect. I send you light and may your father wish well here with all our love as we are a family. Each moment a passing fleet in time and as you sprinkle your hearts on the piers I will be your wings. When you visit, you may not see me at all but my house is full of love and friends, always. Tiffany. X


When we try to conform we are no longer art. TBH®

our kids

We love all our kids. We never tell them to stop being creative. But I tell you this! If any of our children wish or inflict harm on another they would get battered by us first. So stop your hate. Look at our beautiful kids. Our kids want all the best for ALL of you! And what a bomb of a mom we are blessed with. She leaves us speechless. It is Karaoke night each night. We love you so much Tara.

And for the rest of you. It must be awful having a child (or being the adult child) that wants to make others suffer. Shame on your BAD parenting. Ever more so shame for those that see birth as a threat! Life is not a virus. Life is your own making. Let life LIVE. TBR®

UK laws for small business/sole traders

Cannot thank the UK enough for billing me over £300 for the annual privilege to play music in a little house by the sea in Blackpool. Ever more so thankful that it would have been a lot more had I not been honest and told them I have alarm clock radios – subsequently now removed from all rooms. Fabulous. I am wondering what British artists get this fee from little places by the sea? Fuck you Suck.TBH®


But have no fear, all is not lost. The rest of almost 1K today spent today on running this small business was to voluntary ask to spend more money on fire protection. I suppose we would all be richer if we just sat at home doing nothing. But how much wiser?



My Tiger

Sending all my loving healing prayers to my little rescue cat in Leeds who lives with my son. I used to feed Tiger weetabix off the back of my fingernail to keep him alive until he got strong enough to drink milk from a pipette. My little boy. I love you my little fluff ball. Mummy. X


movement (so …. wow)

When Spring comes close we feel the air lighten our worries. The skies become clearer, birds return. First there is snow, rain and wind but all this is part of the infinite bundle of nature. Relentless. Forgiving. Pure. TBH®


#diary January

Had pink hair for a few weeks (long story) here is me today but due to hiding in my bedroom with a magazine, cup of tea and biccies – the lighting is bad and I don’t wear makeup here nonetheless I am so chuffed, as I found some people to get involved with my new pamper packages coming for 2019. A Goddess named Andrew in particular. FAB. Love the unconventionals out there, specially ones that are devoted to their art and craft.

I have had a very different few months to anything I’ve ever experienced. Thrown in at the deep end. At one point I thought I was going to die. Actually, not just once, but anyway, I believe we all have several chances. I have experienced just about every emotion –  but the times when I am alone, to sleep at night not ever feeling safe due to an unstable predator who sent me such dark and awful energy is just pitiful when you have to get up, get dressed and smile with strangers and you know you didn’t do anything to deserve such fear or hatred. No person should be fearful of their life. Not ever! All I ever want in my heart is for everyone to be happy. Also, I’ve had the curse of a voucher site, where guests have visited my hotel expecting everything for nothing, many of which don’t even know we have stairs then arrive to moan they have to climb up them to their rooms. While most guests have been so lovely a few have been vile and it is surprising, mainly ‘wealthy’ yet despicable couples (mature) and mainly women. I think, even if I stood on my head and cooked their breakfasts it would not be enough. I have been treated like a slave, and it has made me realise just what women in particular have to go through in the workplace and from other women!! I detest those who speak badly to maids and servants. Shame on you! I shout at them and this is where my local children gave me the name Tiffany Grinch … haha! More to come on that. They made me look like I have a beard. I will always endorse mud masks but I have never owned my own beard. So here is me with the mystery beard. It can go the other way. I guess a lot of people use filters to make themselves look better, well here is one to make me look my worst! No seriously, the FB pics were used with my 100% backing. We are as beautiful as our souls. And maybe as I become older I will develop a fluffy face. Fine.


I must have been pretty naive when I relocated to Lancashire and right up until signing the papers, I tried to pull out of it – but was strongly persuaded it was the best thing I could do. Trust is just a word. I have missed my son so much but have got to see him a couple of times since last June. It sometimes feels like I am in prison, when he goes home. We don’t speak much when we are together, just hang-out – but it is knowing he is no longer nearby that I have to get used to. We used to eat out together most days. I just adore my two lads. No trouble and so gifted/sensitive. I don’t tell them when things are bad because there’s too much good in the world to worry our most loved ones.

I have the love of my life to talk with and fluster around the clock. Poor him. God only knows what I put him through (ilysm my heart) and these moments get me through it, together with new adventures not far away. I do love my life. We are all so lucky to be here. We have to try and make it work for everyone. I wanted variety and it is certainly coming tenfold. Onward and upwards and to know I must remain in loving hands to focus on the light in life and not the darkness. I remain driven by the universe. I always will. Spring will be with us soon.


Love is Everything. Tiffany Grinch (little sods) X

Happy Christmas Mum – rearing a Gemini child.

I always used to wish I never became like my mother when I grew up. Now I am proud to be her. She has taught me ways I never thought could exist – through love and loyalty she has been tough and mean. I realise when I hated her she didn’t know what she was doing either. But hate and love are so close. Now I am a woman I see my mother as a rock. I see her as an individual and not a slave. I see her design, style and texture in her work with fabrics. I admire her ability to get up and get dressed each morning even after recovering from ill health.

I see my mum as someone I am proud to have come from. A bitch. A business woman. A grandmother. A mum. A friend.

Happy Christmas Mum. Xxx

December diary

Well it is half way through the week and I am in Blackpool. I am full of a bug. I’ve never felt so ill. Started as a cold then went into something much worst. I am no good with these dark days at all … sigh. I am multi-tasking and trying to accept the xmas festivities too. I think I am exhausted. I used to lead a private and quiet life and somehow this is no longer the case.

I have been visited by a hindu male fortune teller who knocked my door a few weeks ago. There is a specific name for this type of messenger but I am sorry, I forgot what he said he was. But he was very mystical. I asked him in, he sat down and put my hands over water then told me lots of things together with making scribbles on a piece of paper. Here is the doodle he did for me. In particular my two years in hell. This was the hub of the physiological bullying I endured for many years in ways that would be difficult to describe to those unaware of the impact this man and his partner had on me and my loved ones. I had nothing and slept near the ground unable to move. I will never forget these days. It nearly killed me. I was in recovery from a serious assault that sent me to death and back. I only now realise just how hard I had to fight to stay sane and alive. Blogging here helped, although it also hindered as this is where the couple used my situation to attack the hardest. It was all so cruel, unfounded and unnecessary. I lost my confidence and was in a constant sense of despair. I believe jealousy is one of the worst traits of mankind. It kills people. I refuse to succumb to jealousy, greed or ego. We should admire strength and courage, not try to break it. To aspire and admire not resent.

Each nest I have resided in, I have put my most positive energy. Filling a space with cherished artefact and good feeling creates a harmonious space – but when others send hate and jealousy to that space, it is sometimes hard to shift this negativity – so in this industry it is a perpetual cycle of clearing the history and although the guests are not a problem – there are other factors. So I am embracing the new and moving forward – learning – growing. To focus on my own forthcoming project with the new lessons I now have with me. To grow through the dark and reach for the light in an infinite sense of determination for my highest and best self.

We are so much more than mortal. We are all leaving our blue-prints. Some decide to harbour hate and vendettas whilst others reach for the wings of Angels soaring free – to ride by their side with a knowledge learned only by the greater good of everything around us. We can see a glass that is half empty or half full. Our own personal choice. Do not let the ill intent of others drag you down or hold you back. Life is beautiful. It is great lesson for bigger things ahead. It is not about money or material gain, but more so a sense of being honest to ourselves. To tell the truth and not play victim when indeed we are the making of our own situations. It is all too easy to blame others for our downfalls when we should be taking responsibility for our own actions and coming from a sincere place of love and empathy. For lies will tear you apart.

Tiff. X

ashamed of women

There is nothing more vulgar than a woman who expects another woman to be her slave. And when I say slave, I mean a Goddess. The women of this world who think treating the feminine like shit on their boots could be the cause of hatred. There is nothing more foul that women who are jealous of one another. What a waste of air.