tree love #always j’adore

If you want to be real in today’s media bullshit where journalists and story tellers scrounge from love. Here’s two people I love. They were on holiday – standing in front of art and creativity – which – for some reason caused them hardship due to hysteria and gossip in the press for fools. It pains me to dig up dirt but it sickens me more.  I am totally smitten. #Always and thank you so much for taking the brunt of the hate away from me. I really do adore you both as one, with all my heart. I always will. God works in mysterious ways. My beautiful darlings. And for those who like to dig for new stories – this is not about politics – this is my soul family for which I am proud. TBH©



Leeds from a hill #community

This isn’t a very good photograph but I was just driving around the hood then found this gorgeous opportunity. TBH©


We don’t have children so we can say we had someone to take care of us. We have children so we can leave something beautiful behind. And the woman who does not bear children will carry animals and the children of others in her naked arms.  TBH©


coconut dessert with friends

I have just by chance stumbled on the most amazing dish I’ve ever created!

  • coconut milk
  • quality muesli
  • sultana’s
  • soft honey
  • ground almonds
  • topped with summer fruits

Just add what you want from each and mix. Serve cold. Gosh it’s gorgeous! Tiff. X