progress thanks for inspiring me hags

So I am inspired by the actions of their boredom. If I have to take down the white picket fence and side panel to the front of the property that was carefully designed by a local craftsman ahead of my plans. This was due to the rear of my property intentionally becoming unsafe. So anyway … I have decided to use the panels internally to divide my forthcoming boho lounge sun room from the chill out dining space.

Thanks for the inspiration hags.

I must also mention to those who are bigger than Blackpool – my sustainable family¬† – there are plastics that will never degrade so therefore not harm mother nature. My newly designed front door is now made of composite and the fence is wood only coated in UPVC. The worlds biggest fuck ups are based on assumption – wouldn’t you agree? Sorry for lack of pics but I’m just too busy earning money. Oh and here is a tip for anyone setting up a business or home by the sea. Some UPVC will last longer than wood due to the sea air corrosion. Think outside the box and never stop finding alternatives. Learn and then you can teach!

Tiff. X