The Kuc’s – Yorkshire Artists, Shamanic Crafts – Workshops #Video #Interview by Tiffany Belle Harper

Introducing Nel Kuc Wenek and Marcin Jaguar Kuc – Husband and wife who reside in a stunning nook of the Yorkshire Dales. On the edge of West Yorkshire amidst rambling, rustical countryside, un-spoilt by progress you will find Addingham Moorside. Miles upon miles of breath-taking Yorkshire scenery. Sheep roaming freely. Horses grazing on abundant land. […]

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Marcin Jaguar Kuc brings Shamanic Rattle to Life !!

Wow … full of power, magic and universal salvation for your highest self I bring you a Shamanic Rattle by the so very amazing Marcin Jaguar Kuc! If you would like one too let me know. Prices from around £50.00 also available Shamanic Drums. Work with nature, music and total freedom … the chi. Tiffany. […]

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