Malham and Malhamdale – Yorkshire Dales

All nature is exquisite at any given time of year. But there’s something exceptionally magical about Malham Cove. It’s a beautiful place to explore. I’d love a nest there one day. There’s a fairy wood, waterfalls, limestone rocks and a beautiful mountain to climb. It’s as though you can see all of the world from […]

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Yorkshire Dales – Malham Cove #photography #nature #gaia

Here’s some beautiful photographs of nature. The steps show the climb up a beautiful mountain situated within the Yorkshire Dales at Malham Cove. It’s so good to share pictures as then we feel we visited places ‘together.’ The large waterfall was formed at the end of the ice-age over 12,000 years ago to aid the […]

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The Kuc’s – Yorkshire Artists, Shamanic Crafts – Workshops #Video #Interview by Tiffany Belle Harper

Introducing Nel Kuc Wenek and Marcin Jaguar Kuc – Husband and wife who reside in a stunning nook of the Yorkshire Dales. On the edge of West Yorkshire amidst rambling, rustical countryside, un-spoilt by progress you will find Addingham Moorside. Miles upon miles of breath-taking Yorkshire scenery. Sheep roaming freely. Horses grazing on abundant land. […]

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